Welcome to The Shop

The Shop is not your average car mechanic. For starters, we provide a trustworthy and reliable car repair and maintenance service where you can be sure you’ll be offered competitive pricing and a quick turn around.

Don’t know your fuel injection from your radiator? Not to panic – we do! But best of all, our staff don’t take advantage of their customers, taking them for a ride. We have more than 20 years in the car repair and maintenance industry and we know that for a mechanic South Melbourne to succeed, then honesty, reliability and affordability are key. We have extensive experience working on a range of different vehicle types and models. We also know that a business in the mechanics industry doesn’t survive from ripping customers off – we know that a much better business model works with returning customers, and customers being more than happy to recommend our small business to their friends.

We offer a number of different services, from oil changes, tune-ups, tire alignments, brake repair, air conditioning and fuel service and repair, and everything that goes in between. We’re happy to walk you through exactly what needs to be done, and while we are happy to walk you through all your options, we won’t pressure you in to any type of service that you don’t feel comfortable with or that you don’t think you want to do at that moment. We know that not everybody loves ‘car talk’ as much as we do, so if you’re happy to be on your way we’ll just do what we do best and let you know when your vehicle is ready to be picked up. Our garage at Mechanic South Melbourne is located right next to the light rail, so you’ll be able to reach us with or without your car.

While like you, we live in inner city Melbourne, our independent business is anything but city-like. We get to know our customers, and with our early and late start and finish times, we can work around your busy schedule – after all, we know how difficult it can be to get around without a car! melbourne carpet cleaners

Our team of highly qualified mechanics can perform a range or repairs or maintenance procedures on your vehicle. While of course they need to get paid too, they won’t offer you any service that your car will not benefit from – we’re here to get your car back up to scratch, not empty out your wallet! Cleaning

While maybe our staff don’t spend the day singing like the mechanic crew on grease, they do go home satisfied knowing that they have provided a high quality service with a quick turn around and with the customer also going home happy. Carpet

So if you’re having car troubles, it’s good to know a mechanic South Melbourne is just around the corner to help get your car back on the road. Come visit our friendly, clean garage which is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment for a free quote or repair estimate!

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